Manual Handling Training

This is a popular type of Manual Handling Training Course. It can be taken anytime and is provided on a one to one basis. This is not designed for people in the Healthcare Industry nor is it a people handling course.

To take part in this course you need the following –

  • The use of a computer or modern mobile device
  • A valid & working e-mail address,
  • Good computer skills
  • Good Internet access

 This course comprises of two parts.

  • Part one occurs online – the learner is shown correct and incorrect Manual Handling methods and goes into detail how people damage their backs and the best ways to avoid causing this damage.
  • Part two consists of practical training & assessment which is usually provided on a one to one basis.

Course Contents
• Manual Handling Legislation (law) & the need for Risk Assessment
• Basic functions of the Spine and common type of injuries
• Examples of unsafe lifting (high risk) and how to avoid it
• Practical examples of safer (low risk) lifting methods.
• Reasons and various types of lifts  to avoid and discussion on the MAC tool.

Once the online part of this course is fully completed, you will be required to demonstrate correct lifting techniques. This can be carried out using a popular platform such as WhatsApp, Skype etc.  Successful candidates are awarded a 3-year Certificate. For admin purposes you MUST complete both parts of the course within 5 days of course purchase.



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