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Blended learning course, –   This is a very popular Manual Handling Training Course for self employed people.  It can be taken anytime and is provided on a one to one basis. It is delivered using the latest Digital Technology via a modern Blended Training method. This course comprises of two parts. One part is online where you will learn about and be shown correct and incorrect Manual Handling methods. It explains in great detail why people damage their backs and how to avoid this damage.  The second part consists of  practical training which is normally provided on a one to one basis. Successful candidates will be awarded a 3 year Certificate. For admin purposes you MUST complete both parts of the course within 20 days of course purchase. To take part in this course you need the following –

  • A valid & working e-mail address,
  • Computer skills
  • Internet access….. Once the online part of this course is completed, you will be able to make an appointment with us so that we can assess your Manual Handling (lifting) skills. This can be done in Killarney during normal Office hours and takes about 20 minutes.   You are welcome to email us a copy of your latest Safety Statement and Risk assessments which deal with the Manual Handling tasks that you normally encounter. Please Note… This is not a people handling course and is not designed for people in the Healthcare Industry.
  • Standard Manual Handling  Course (in classroom) –  This is provided in a Physical Training Room and takes just over four hours to complete. These courses are delivered during normal office hours.  For future Classroom course dates see below. Please Note…We do not provide a people handling course and these courses are not designed for people in the Healthcare Industry. If no events found appears below, it means that scheduled classroom courses are full and will be updated with more course dates later. If you need a Manual Handling cert in a hurry, look at the first option above (Blended learning course), it is the quickest and can be done this week.

All Course Contents
• Manual Handling Legislation (law) & the need for Risk Assessment
• Basic functions of the Spine and common type of injuries
• Examples of unsafe lifting (high risk) and how to avoid it
• Practical examples of safer (low risk) lifting methods.
• Reasons and various types of lifts  to avoid and discussion on the MAC tool.


Regardless of which type of Manual Handling Training selected, employers MUST always carry out follow up workplace supervision to ensure the lessons learned are put into effect at the workplace. Course participants must also ensure that they put into practice the learning achieved at the training course. Employers are required by S19 of the 2005 Act to conduct a Risk Assessment of all work activities and this does include tasks involving manual handling. This assessment must highlight what improvements need to made to minimise the risk posed by the activity. Course participants must not engage in any flexibility exercises without first consulting with a relevant medical professional.


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