Safe Pass Training 

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Latest update.. Sunday.. 11th April 2021: I have no idea when Safe Pass Training will resume. The Department of Further and Higher Education, Innovation and Science will make the decision. They will inform Solas who in turn will inform us. This decision will of course depend on how the Covid situation is in Ireland, and how people will behave in the next few days. This website will be updated when we get more information.

If you are the holder of a Solas Safe Pass cards that expired on or after March 2020 you may be able to avail of an exemption which is now law. You can read all about this exemption by clicking here.  If your Safe Pass card was not valid during March 2020  you can not avail of the exemption.

May 4th was mentioned as a date that the Irish Government will review public health measures and hope to have Construction activity fully reopen. (Of course that will depend on the Covid-19 situation in Ireland and will depend on people’s behaviour)  Manual Handling and Abrasive Wheel Training is available at present. Now is the time to do this training. Once Safe Pass Training resumes we will not  providing Manual Handling or Abrasive Wheel Training. Get this essential training sorted now if you require it. Don’t leave it to the last minute as you will not get it done then.

Solas Safe Pass Training is now being delivered for groups of essential construction workers on critical projects which are essential projects and are considered necessary for the economic viability of the State of Ireland.   We at Seamus O’Sullivan Training are NOT providing Safe Pass training for essential workers. Contact the relevant Safety officer on site for further details. 

All employers regardless of size, and self employed people must be able to prove that they have done everything reasonably practical to provide and maintain – 

  • A Safe System of Work.
  • A Safe Place of Work, 
  • Safe and competent Employees,
  • Safe Plant & Equipment
  • Safe access and egress, 
  • In addition to adequate supervision employers must provide sufficient instruction, information, training in a form, manner, and language that is clearly understood by all of their employees. This applies to all employers.



Abrasive Wheel Training. This Certified training is now available online. Click here for details.


 As mentioned above there is now an exemption in place which applies to holders of some (but not all) Solas Safe Pass cards.  It is important that your Safe Pass Card was valid in March 2020. If your Safe Pass card was not valid in March 2020, the exemption will not apply. You can read all about this exemption by clicking this weblink.

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