Safe Pass Course – Kerry, Cork, Limerick

Update: Tuesday 23rd Feb : Sols Safe Pass Training is now being delivered for groups of some construction workers on critical projects which are essential projects deemed necessary for the economic viability of the State. Email  for details.  This applies to groups of 8 to 10, who do not have a valid Safe Pass card and are working on essential projects as described above. Note: This only applies to certain construction workers on essential projects as these are only the people allowed to work at present.  (also see below about possible short term exemption)

If your Safe Pass Card is out of date it might be worth your while to read the following. Of course this is not legal advice and is provided for information purposes only. There is now an exemption in place which applies to holders of some (but not all) Solas Safe Pass cards.  It is important that your Safe Pass Card was valid in March 2020. If your Safe Pass card was not valid in March 2020, the exemption will not apply. You can read all about this exemption by clicking this weblink.

Employers must still provide a * Safe Place of Work, * Competent Employees, * Safe Plant & Equipment, and of course * a Safe System of Work. Employers must still comply with all Statutory legislation. This applies if you are in Kerry, Cork, Limerick or any other part of Ireland.


Safe Pass Training: is not being delivered in Kerry because of the current Covid-19 situation. 






Abrasive Wheel Training. This Certified training is now available online. Click here for details.



Seamus O’Sullivan Training which is based in Kerry is delighted to announce that Solas Safe Pass Training  is now being delivered in Killarney, Co Kerry. All course bookings are taken online. Check out our Solas certified Safepass course dates above.

The Venue. Our Safe Pass training courses are delivered in a large training room in Killarney Racecourse, Ross Road, Killarney, Co Kerry. This venue will suit people from all parts of Kerry, and most parts of Cork & Limerick. The venue is very easy to find. It is located on the road to Ross Castle, Muckross Road, Killarney, hence the name Ross road. The venue has lots of free parking. 

COVID-19: Seamus is a trained instructor in Infection prevention and control. We take a lot of precautions to minimise the risks to everyone in our training room. We assume each person has the virus and that helps to ensure the place is safe. No body can ever guarantee 100% safety as your safety depends on the behaviour of everybody else in the room. The max number of people on a Safepass course is now reduced to 10 which ensures there is plenty room for everyone. We want everyone that attends our Safe Pass courses to feel safe, and to enjoy the course. Each person is allocated their own table.  We  have a one way system through out our training room. There is one way into the room and one way out of the room. Everyone attending the course has to wear a face coverings or a  face mask. We always aim to have good ventilation in the room. Good ventilation is required to reduce any build up of COVID-19 virus particles. Full account is being taken of advice & guidance from the WHO. (World Health Organisation)

Manual Handling: This type of training is another must for construction workers. I am just listing a few places people came from in the last SafePass Course in Kerry. Tralee, Dingle, Listowel, Macroom, Killorglin, Abbeyfeale, Killarney, Killorglin.Newcastle West. Killarney must have been a suitable location. Other firms do deliver training in Listowel, Tralee, Macroom and Abbeyfeale.

Safe Pass Training  has resumed in Kerry, Cork & Limerick.  All of our Solas certified Safe Pass course bookings are taken online

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