Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my  Solas Safe Pass card?

If you lost/misplaced your Solas Safe Pass Card you can get a replacement card.  You are required to fill in an online form which is available here. The form must be submitted to Solas. Kindly note that due to Data Protection and security policies  Seamus  O Sullivan Training is unable to source or disclose Safe Pass Card numbers for you or someone else acting on your behalf.

If you lost your wallet, do not forget to cancel your credit/debit cards

Lost a Certificate (Manual Handling or Abrasive wheels)

Did you lose a Certificate that was provided by Seamus O’Sullivan Training? There are strict rules regarding the re-issue of training Certificates. Send us an e-mail and somebody in the Office will do a search through the records.  It will take at least 14 working days before our Office will be able to issue a replacement Certificate.


I do not have a PPS number. Can I do the Safe Pass Course?

Short answer is no. Solas do allow certain exceptions and issue a process number for certain applicants.  Contact this office and we will see if you can get a process number.

Solas Safe Pass Course times

Are as follows – Start 8 am to  5.00 pm – you are expected to be in the training room at 7.50am. Please note all Safe Pass courses are full day courses and follow a timetable & Code of Conduct to ensure consistency. It is important that you are present the whole day.


Can I pay you on the day of the course?

We are unable to guarantee you a place on the course unless you book and pay for the course online.

Will I get a card or card number on the day of the course?

No; The Card and Card Number is issued by Solas. The card will be posted to you when the Card is issued.

Is the Safe Pass Card valid in another country?

Check with the Country in Question.

I did the Safe Pass Course before. Must I do it again?

Yes; the Safe Pass Course is a one day course that will help keep you up to date. The Card is renewed every four years. One day every four years discussing Health & Safety  should not cause a problem. Construction workers are working in a dangerous industry, and MUST be  reminded of that fact.

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