Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Training:
This course is a generic Manual Handling Course.
This course is fully certified.

  • You need a valid & working e-mail address. You need  good internet access. (without these essential skills, you will need to do the course in a classroom)
  • Part one must be completed online (takes about 40 minutes to complete) (sit down, relax and enjoy this course)
  • Part two is where your practical Manual Handling skills are assessed. This can be done by using WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet or similar platform. (We are happy to view the lifts this way. Please note the lifts must be done correctly. If the lifts demonstrate a lack of knowledge, we will insist you redo the whole course again (No charge for that)
  • Please note: Both parts of the course must be fully completed within 20 days of course purchase. (You could have the course finished in under an hour)
  • Successful candidates will be awarded a 3-year Certificate.  Both parts must be successfully completed with 20 days of course purchase. (if you book the course, please complete it, we don’t want to end up with a load of uncompleted on on office desk)
  • All communications are sent via e-mail. (you need to know your email address and provide us with the correct one)

Please note upon purchase of a manual handling course you need to allow up to 48 hours for your course to be sent out via email (we will set it up as soon as possible)